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“I hear and I forgot. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

High Touch High Tech believes in hands-on education. We believe that is the only way to learn science. Afterall, High Touch is in our name!

At High Touch High Tech, we take our hands-on education approach to training our scientists. Teachers and parents can schedule our programs and feel confident knowing our scientists know the material, have in-the-classroom experience, and want your students to take inspiration away from our lessons!

We look for scientists with a passion for education, working with children, and with science backgrounds! Our scientists really are scientists!

While training our to-be-scientists in classrooms, they’re allowed to develop the critical thinking skills and real-world knowledge to adapt to your classroom. If there are disciplinary issues, innovative student questions, or any other wavering factors, you can be sure that our scientists will handle the situation with grace and experience!

High Touch High Tech has brought STEM education to students for over 25 years, reaching more than 16 million students each year! Our hands-on approach to your students education is what we practice across the board, because it’s the only way to learn!

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