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Volunteering in your community is a wonderful way to connect with those around you, gain confidence and learn new skills. By engaging with others, you can make connections and even branch out of your comfort zone. Volunteering allows you to meet others that you may or may not see on in your regular schedule. We all have our daily routines. But by taking the opportunity to volunteer, you may meet others that you otherwise would never see.

Volunteering may allow you to try something new and even challenge yourself! You may learn unique skills, meet new people and may even discover hidden talents.

Volunteering may help decrease stress, provide a sense of purpose and even boost your confidence! By helping others, you’ll build self-esteem and a sense of trust. It can boost your mood even on the toughest days. Volunteering and helping others, makes you happy! It’s a “Win-Win”!

By volunteering with different organizations, you are assisting others and connecting with neighbors and establishing a larger social network. These connections may help you in future endeavors and encourage more outreach.

Volunteering sets a great example for those around you. Involving your family, close friends and neighbors will encourage even more good work. You can inspire your students, your children and even someone you have never met.

Volunteering can help you both physically and mentally. Perhaps you spend the afternoon doing yard work for an elderly couple or you guide a student with their reading in the library, every good deed is beneficial. Volunteer activities can get you moving and thinking!

Need some inspiration? Want to find out what is happening in your town? Try asking the school counselor, members of a local church, a friendly postal worker or even a cashier at the local grocery store. There will always be opportunities in the community. It just takes a smile and a friendly “Hello” to start up a conversation. There are always opportunities around the corner, just ask!

Network make new friends and share your love of science!

Learn more about community events find opportunities for individuals and organizations.

Get involved in the community events that support local nonprofit organizations. This is a great way to network, make new friends and share your love of science!

Create a fun, engaging hands-on science activity that connects with the theme of the event. Kids will rush to your table to play, explore and learn. Participants will love a new, exciting vendor at the event. Get creative and inspire young scientists.

High Touch High Tech of Western North Carolina is proud to volunteer with these organizations and community events:

  • The Walk MS & Wellness Fair supports and raises funds for the National MS Society. This annual event hosts a Wellness Fair, food trucks, face painting and kids’ activities. High Touch High Tech of Western North Carolina has participated for 8 years! HTHT provides supplies and instructions for Mystery S This is orange Space Mud (orange is the color for the MS Society.)
  • The NC Arboretum hosts a Mountain Science Expo that features hands-on demonstrations and programs for the whole family. More than 20 science exhibitors participate in this event that highlights STEM education. High Touch High Tech of Western North Carolina is thrilled to participate as an exhibitor at this annual event. Each year, HTHT introduces exciting interactive science experiences. This is a fantastic venue to connect with families and other science enthusiasts.
  • The Holidays are filled with fun, family-friendly events. Biltmore Park Town Square, in Asheville, NC, kicks off the season with a Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration. This outdoor event includes music, crafts, balloons, magicians and, of course, science fun with High Touch High Tech! Bundled in our jackets and scarfs, HTHT scientists love this annual Holiday event with all the smiles and excitement. HTHT provides supplies for a hands-on experiment for kids to take home. (Perhaps this inspires some science toys under the Christmas tree!)

This year, High Touch High Tech did volunteer at a few new events, which we were very excited about.

  • The Hendersonville Library kicked off a new program called the ecoEXPLORE to the Hendersonville community and HTHT went and helped the Arboretum with their Nature Program.
  • Mix 96.5 for a “Teacher of the Month” program that we offered a free science program to the teacher of the month. Then we joined in with the radio station in helping with them raise awareness and gifts of children in Foster Homes, a program called “Christmas 4 kids.” We adopted 13 children and helped them have a fantastic Christmas.
  • Special Olympics in Hendersonville. We attended the event held at the East Hendersonville High School and had the children make slime. It was a very special day for all those involved

High Touch High Tech attends as many community events that we can and not just in the Western North Carolina area. Our satellite offices in Charlotte and Raleigh join in at events such as the “Hello Huntersville” and the “Triangle Sci-Tech Expo” along with many elementary schools and their Science Nights.

Each year HTHT supports local schools and local organizations. High Touch High Tech strives to give back to the WNC community by staying involved with our schools, community organizations and partnering with area businesses. Through a FUN hands-on experience, our community events bring science out of the classroom.

These events are great networking opportunities, strengthens community involvement and are tons of fun!

Click here to check out our Community Outreach page.


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