25 Reasons to be Thankful

25 Reasons to be Thankful

1. Family: 

Family, especially during the
holidays can be a source of stress. And all the same time, family is your
greatest gift. What would Thanksgiving be without the traditional Family
football game, an argument over the wishbone, or Aunt Linda’s pecan pie? Even
when they’re overbearing, remind yourself of all your family’s quirks,
memories, and reasons why you love them all.

2. Pumpkin Spice:

Whether it be Pumpkin Spice
Lattes, pumpkin pie, or new pumpkin recipe, it isn’t quite Thanksgiving without
a pumpkin dish.

3. Emergency Service Personnel:

Each holiday, doctors,
firefighters, police officers, military servicemen, EMT’s and all emergency
personnel are working. While they would rather be home, spending the holiday
with their loved ones and enjoying their feasts, they have a duty to be on call
in the event of an emergency. One of these heroes are probably one of your
loved ones! They tirelessly work 365 days a year, so show them your gratitude
by bringing the firefighters a treat, or by donating to a veteran’s drive.

4. Autumn Leaves:

Without the fall leaves, we
wouldn’t recognize our favorite season. There isn’t much more comforting than
the scenic views, gratifying crunch under your boots and the cool, refreshing
fall air.

5. Tiny Turkey Hands

The crafty little hand turkeys
and pilgrim hats that your nieces, nephews and children bring home from school
are a staple of the Thanksgiving holiday. What would the holiday be without a
little DIY children’s decoration?

6. Pets:

As it’s becoming ever more
popular to have fur-babies instead of children, we have to be thankful for our
pets. The begging eyes from under the dinner table to napping with your kitten,
show love to your fur friends!

7. The Macy’s Day Parade:

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is
as traditional as Thanksgiving itself. The parade began in 1924, and has been
televised since 1952, and it has grown to be one of the largest parades in the
world. Watching the parade, surrounded by the smell of food and family is the
pinnacle of Thanksgiving.

8. Friends:

Most people are closer to their
friends than they are to their family. They save the day by being a shoulder to
cry on, an ear to vent to, and an accomplice when they’re needed. We can all
agree our lives are better with our friends in them and be sure to remind them
how much you love and appreciate them this holiday.

9. Food:

Thanksgiving is a foodie’s day.
Food is the bonding agents across cultures, and throughout time has brought people
together to celebrate. Take a moment to be thankful that you have food to eat
all year long on Turkey Day.

10. Safety:

The news is full of alarming,
heartbreaking things. While you’re reading this article you’re probably in
peaceful, safe place, and that’s something to be grateful for. Use the
Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to give back to those who don’t have the
security that you’re so fortunate to have.

11. Your Cozy Kitchen:

Thanksgiving is the opportunity
to dust off your best china, dabble with old family recipes, and bond while
cooking. Have the kids help set the table or mix the potatoes so they can share
a sense of pride in the finished meal.

12. Health:

Regardless of physical health,
you’re lucky to be alive! We’re fortunate to be able-bodied and bright-eyed
more often than not, so be thankful that you’re still kicking!  

13. The Holiday Spirit:

More than 35% of all charitable
donations are given in the last 3 months of the year.  The helping holiday spirt brings out the best
in each of us, and that’s more important than food or gifts combined. Donate to
a charity, invite a neighbor or lonely senior into your home to share your
family with them for Thanksgiving.

14. Kindness of Strangers:

While a stranger smiling at you
in the grocery store, holding the door open for you when your arms are full, or
letting you go ahead of them in line doesn’t seem like much, it’s something to
be thankful for. Humans are all innately the same, we want to be healthy and
happy, and to be treated with hospitality, so be grateful for the kindness of
strangers this holiday.

15. Time Off from Work:

Holidays fortunately mean you get
some free vacation days, which we are all grateful for. Being able to wear your
comfy pants instead of your suit and tie in the middle of the week is worth
being thankful!

16. Dessert:

There are so many options for
dessert on Thanksgiving, and the holiday urges you try them all! Be grateful
for Aunt Susan’s pie, grandma’s banana pudding, and your mom’s cobbler.

17. Children:    

Children bring an amazing,
unfiltered perspective.  Whether they’re
telling you what they’re learning in school this week, or loudly noticing
you’ve gained a few pounds, kids are worth being thankful for.

18. Warm Sweaters:

Cooling down in the winter months
means you get to bring your favorite fuzzy sweater back out of the closet.
Bundle up with your comfy clothes, and take a post-turkey nap this

19. Parents:

There’s no one that loves, cares,
and appreciated you quite like your parents do. Mothers and fathers are the
glue that hold traditions together. Even if you can’t see your parents on
Thanksgiving, know they would rather be spending it with you.

20. Football:

Thanksgiving football and a full
stomach is how many of us spend the holiday. Playing football in the back yard
or watching your fathers-in-law’s team beat yours is a memory made.

21. Relaxion:

The nights are getting longer,
and the days are getting cooler. Thanksgiving weather is perfect for cuddling
up to binge watch your favorite show or read a book.  

22. Indoor Plumbing and Electricity:

Our ancestors had outhouses,
candles, and pigeon-mail. We have so many conveniences making everyday life
easier by leaps and bounds. This Thanksgiving ask your family what life would
be like without the internet, indoor toilets, cell phones, or running water.

23. Open Restaurants:

After you’ve burnt the turkey and
the grocery store is closed, an open restaurant is a what you’re most grateful
for. Sometimes you’ve got to let someone else do the cooking. Be sure to tip
your server well!

24. Black Friday Sales:

Gearing up for the shopping Super
Bowl on Black Friday? Everyone loves half priced TV’s, clothes, and jewelry!
And if fighting over Legos in Walmart isn’t quite your thing, Cyber Monday

25. Gratitude:

Be thankful for being thankful!
Being able to reflect on the reasons you love your life can fight seasonal depression,
relieve your anxiety and lower your blood pressure. Happy people live longer,
and you have 25 reasons to be thankful for your life!

Thanksgiving is so much more than food and festivities. It’s
a time to ponder the lessons we learned over the year, spread happiness around,
and appreciate all the great memories and amazing people we have in our lives.
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at
High Touch High Tech. 

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