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Soaring Science of the Hot Air Balloon!

Join High Touch High Tech in celebrating Hot Air Balloon Day June 5th! How many balloons does it take for a person to fly? The correct answer is one. And we’re not talking about holding on for dear life at the end of a balloon on a rope. We’re talking about a giant balloon with […]

Composting Day is Every Day!

Join High Touch High Tech in celebrating Learn About Composting Day May 29th! Were you raised to “clean your plate,” no matter what? Does the idea of wasted food still make you uncomfortable?  You might not like this statistic, then: The United States wastes more food than any other country on earth.  In one year, […]

What is Sound?

Join High Touch High Tech in celebrating Build a Musical Instrument Day May 22nd! Close your eyes for a moment and listen to your environment.  What sounds do you hear?  Unless you are in the quietest place on earth, Stratfield Labs’ special Anechoic Chamber, your ears will easily tune to even the little sounds in […]

Top 10 Toad-ally Bizarre Frogs!

Join High Touch High Tech in celebratingFrog Jumping DayMay 13th! Dating back to Mark Twain’s story, “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog”, people have been celebrating Frog Jumping Day since 1865! But no one takes this day more seriously than the residents of Calaveras County, California! With day-long festivals and activities including the annual Frog […]

Space…the final frontier

Join High Touch High Tech in celebrating Space Day May 7th! Space…The final frontier! We all remember these immortal words spoken by Captain Kirk, of the starship Enterprise. It was on a fictional 5-year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has […]