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Watch Meteors on Meteor Watch Day!

Ever had the chance to make a wish on a shooting star? This superstition originated around 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece, believed to be gods peering down to Earth from the skies. Science has confirmed that falling stars has nothing to do with the Olympian gods; this source of luck is a fiery space […]

Fireflies, Warm Weather, and Bioluminescence

Firefly, firefly beetle, glow fly, flow worm, moon bug, golden sparkler, fire devil, blinkie, and lightning bug are all names for the lampyridae beetle. It is clear where fireflies got their name, as they produce a flashing glow as they fly through the air on warm summer nights. What actually causes fireflies to glow? There […]

Mosquitos: Why do they Suck?

Why are mosquitos so religious? Because they prey on you! When making a list of the most dangerous creatures on our planet, what do you think of? A menacing shark with 3,000 teeth? A hungry, slithering, 30-foot long anaconda? What about a buzzing, blood sucking mosquito? Mosquitos may not maul you like a vicious tiger, […]

World Oceans Day: Protecting Earth’s Largest Ecosystem

Earth’s surface is covered in water, making around 71% of the planet ocean water. Earth’s oceans are our largest ecosystem, home to more than 2 million estimated species. Marine plants provide our planet with almost 70% of our oxygen we breathe, and ocean animals provide for a sixth of all animal protein humans consume. If […]