High Touch High Tech Program Beginnings

High Touch High Tech has developed a programming network of
over 150 STEM programs over the past 27 years. Our programming extends from
introductory chemistry, paleontology, climate change, to 3-D printing! As an
author and leader in the STEM enrichment education, High Touch High Tech has
adapted and created hands-on education content that has resonated with
students, teachers, and parents across the globe. 

We at High Touch High Tech like to say, “we were STEM before
STEM.” Since 1992, we have adapted to education standards, trends, and
scientific advancements to provide our students with up-to-date enrichment. Teachers,
parents, and High Touch High Tech franchise owners can feel confident in the
content we provide to students.

Each year we are creating fresh, original experiment content
to satisfy our customer and franchise networks. Many teachers have built High
Touch High Tech in-school field trips into their year-to-year teaching agenda,
and we will continue to grow with the education standards.

Is Coding the Future of STEM?

Technology has an increasing impact on our day to day lives, that is indisputable. As we grow more and more dependent on devices, the need for programmers, web and tech developers, and technicians advances.

What does this mean for preparing today’s students to be
tomorrow’s software engineers? The largest trend in technology is coding!
Children as young as 7 are being taught the coding basics, positioning them for
a lifetime of opportunities in the technological world. Coding is the entrance
to understanding computer language through series of inputs and outputs,
actions and reactions. A recent study shows that 90% of parents want their
children to study a computer science, as computing jobs are projected to grow
at twice the rate of all other jobs!

The conversation surrounding coding isn’t all positive
though. With the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), program
developers catch a glimpse of the expiration of their craft. With machine
learning being a focus of tech, 29% of software developers rank being replaces
by AI their largest professional fear.

Traditional programming is a complex network, and serious
testing is necessary before bugs are discovered. The margin for error is large,
and refactoring or starting over is an expensive, time consuming mistake. It’s
possible to break a seemingly unrelated line of code when adding code lines to
improve or solve other issues. While AI may be able to beat humans in a game of
online chess, will they be able to solve the limitless situations that have to
be taken into account when coding?

With machine learning, programmers will be allowed to become
more robust and efficient. This increased efficiency will rapidly slow the
market for programming careers, creating a stagnant class of computer science
graduates. The future of fully automated AI programming is in the distant
future, but it stands to be recognized. The programming that students are
learning today will be out of date within the next 10 years due to the current
machine learning programs being created, which challenges the market of
investing exclusively in coding education.

There is a growing trend among educators to adapt to the
coding trend, investing heavily into what seems to be the future of technology.
School curriculum, coding teaching companies, and educational toy developers
are developing to suit this need. STEM (Science Technology Engineering
Mathematics) education is zeroing in on the technology standpoint, and that is
affecting the remaining fields.

Students of today are tomorrow’s adults. Investing almost
solely in coding is a disservice to our students, being that the program
engineers of today are preparing for the inevitable. STEM education serves the
purpose to nurture a well-rounded, practical student. Investing in coding
education seems to be the epitome of preparing out students with current trends,
it lacks the versatility of a complete STEM education.

For 25 years, High Touch High Tech has provided students
with education in each STEM field. We have continuously adapted to education
trends, but one thing remains true; students need science as well at
technology. When teachers and parents are investing in their children’s
education, they should invest where there is a proven record of success. Coding
franchises, enrichment, and toys are at the cutting edge momentarily, but very
well will fall to the test of time.

In the early 1990’s we suddenly found ourselves surrounded
by new technological advances, saw the importance, and incorporated High Tech
into our name. By reading our name, students and teachers know what we do; High
Touch is the hands-on science approach to learning and understanding science,
High Tech is to prepare our students for the global marketplace of the future,
where technology has an impact on all aspects of life! Our name, mission, and
content is how we grew from one location to serving 16 million kids annually in
11 countries. 

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25 Years of Customer Favorites!

For 25 years High Touch High Tech has been developing
exciting, hands-on science programs. Our programs have become staples to the
teachers that invite us back to their classrooms year after year! Here are some
of their favorites!

Get Buggy©

                Young scientists get to be Entomologists in our Get Buggy© program! Students learn about how important insects are to our planet, how to distinguish insect families, and tricks on insect survival!

Globs, Goo and Guts©

discover their own anatomy in Globs, Goo and Guts©! Digestion, the blood
pumping through your veins, and your organs are all parts of keeping people

Smarty Plants©

botany in our Smarty Plants© experiment! Plants are mysterious and
survive much differently than animals! Students get to change the color of
flowers through the powers of diffusion!


                Who wants to
be a chemist? ChemFun© is a student’s introduction to chemical reactions,
atoms, and the power of solvents! Students even get to watch a cup dissolve!

Dig It©

                Break out
your hard hats and lanterns! Students explore our world, and discover the gems
hiding right beneath Earth’s surface! After the Dig It© program, students will
take home their very own gemstone treasures! 

Homemade Fun©

                Shelter is
what keeps humans and animals safe! Homemade Fun© is all about exploring
shelters! Students will be able to use the resources around them to keep
themselves safe after this program!

Magnet Makers©

is all about magnets! Magnetic fields will become visual with a program
understanding magnetic powers!


            Students will explore the Milky Way
in Cosmic Capers©! Gravity, eclipses, and even astronaut ice cream will be

or Not©

            Young meteorologists will understand
weather! Weather or Not© explores the world of measuring weather phenomenon.

Teachers, parents and students love the fun,
engaging programs that High Touch High Tech has delivered to them for 25 years.
Our customer favorite programs assist teachers in reaching their education
standards, while students have an exciting, educational experience! Once a
teacher enlists High Touch High Tech, we become a part of their educational
experience year after year!

Why do Teachers Choose High Touch High Tech?

Over 25 years of proven success!

High Touch High Tech was founded
when Dinosaur Dan went into his daughter’s science fair, and teachers demanded
he come back. Teachers were able to see that their students were engaged and
excited to learn! High Touch High Tech has been exploring STEM with students
for more than 25 years, reaching more than 16 million students annually.

Your students will DO science, not
VIEW science!

While your students will enjoy
their program, they will have a hands-on science lesson. High Touch High Tech
doesn’t believe in showy, baseless experiments! Your students will be making
their own discoveries, building their confidence in their own education.

We adapt to your state curriculum

High Touch High Tech want your
students to learn and have a memorable educational experience. At the core of
our programs there is the science curriculum that students are expected to
learn and tested on. By enlisting High Touch High Tech, teachers know students
are closer to state education goals.

All students can participate!

Our totally participatory
programming benefits students at all ends of the academic spectrum. Students in
need of STEM remediation are granted confidence in being able to say they
conquered a complex topic! Gifted STEM students can use their previous knowledge
and test it out during their hands-on experiment! High Touch High Tech adapts
to a classroom of diverse skillsets!

We assist funding!

In a strict budget, it’s difficult
for teachers to fund pencils! High Touch High Tech wants your students to have
the STEM education they deserve, and we will assist in obtaining the funding to
bring your students our programs!  

We promote teamwork!

Once your students are engaged in
an experiment, they will collaborate with their peers to complete their
experiment! By grouping students together, it provides a brainstorming center
and building an idea friendly environment. This bonds your students for the

We encourage your students to be
active in their education!

When a student gets their EUREKA
moment, there is a courage they develop to discover. Our students are assured
they have a science superpower, and that will translate to all other studies.

We come to you!

High Touch High Tech scientists
deliver programming to your school! There will be no need for supply
preparation, scheduling a bus, or packing bag lunches! We even do our own

High Touch High Tech wants your
students to become scientists!

From our founder, our franchise
owners, to our scientists, High Touch High Tech is a community of scientists!
Our mission is to instill our passion on the next generation of scientists!

Our programs make your students
problem solvers!

Students utilize their superpowers
of observation and discovery to solve problems! During a High Touch High Tech
program, students will develop the skills to solve problems throughout their
daily lives!

Polar Bear Plunge Day

While many will be cuddling up by a warm fire or sipping hot
cider on New Years Day, some choose to celebrate in a much chillier fashion.
January 1st is Polar Bear Plunge Day, and the holiday celebration is
just what it sounds like- an icy plunge in the middle of winter!

These human Polar Bears often take the plunge in the name of
a charity or fundraiser, and while plunges take place throughout the coldest
months of the year, New Year’s Day often draws some of the largest crowds!

Unlike their human plunging counterparts, Polar Bears have thick
layers of fur and blubber that contribute to their ability to stay warm in
freezing temperatures as low as -37 degrees Fahrenheit. They also produce high
levels of nitric oxide that allow them to utilize caloric intake for

Because polar bears are so well prepared for cold weather,
when they are overheated they often go for a swim to cool down. They are naturally
talented swimmers, and some have been recorded swimming over sixty miles!

It may seem dangerous for a person to expose themselves to
such a significant drop in temperature, but the polar bear plunge is generally
regarded as safe for those without pre-existing conditions. It is recommended
to have the event cleared with a doctor before deciding to take the plunge.

While humans most easily adapt to temperatures above freezing,
polar bears rely on consistently cold temperatures to survive. The icy
environments that polar bears thrive in are crucial to their ability to hunt
successfully, and the loss of sea ice due to climate change has negatively
affected both the weight and overall numbers of polar bears alive today.

Participants in Polar Bear Plunge Day might feel like a
human popsicle, but the results could create more than a body chill for those
willing to take on the cold!

Cold-water immersion and other hydrotherapy treatments have
been used for many years and originate in a variety of regions around the globe.
They are said to have both mental and physical benefits, and have even been
integrated into a number of spa treatments.