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Leap Year Day 2016

In case you have not heard, today is Leap Year Day! Almost every 4 years we get the chance to celebrate this day! Why do you ask? It takes some understanding of our solar system and time to figure out why a leap day exists. The way we measure time on Earth is a bit […]

The Science of Mirages

The Science of Mirages We’ve all seen that part in the movie where the weary desert wanderer has been walking for hours and is dying of thirst. Then he happens upon a vast body of water on the horizon. He runs towards the water, it grows closer and closer, until he springs himself into the […]

National Bubble Week

National Bubble Week National Bubble Week originated in the year 2000 as a way to celebrate the start of spring. Because bubbles are such an iconic, fun outside toy, it’s only natural to use these floating spheres to usher in the season. Here are some fun bubble facts: A Bubble Gets Its Color From Iridescence: […]

Smoke & Mirrors Day

Smoke & Mirrors Day Smoke & Mirrors Day is celebrated on March 29th of each year. The source of the name is based on magicians’ illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a confusing burst of smoke. Generally, “smoke and mirrors” may refer to any sort of presentation by which […]

Good Friday & Easter Sunday

Good Friday Occurs this year on Friday, March 25, 2016. Good Friday occurs two days before Easter Sunday in the United States. 

Houdini’s Birthday

  Harry Houdini’s Birthday Born Erik Weisz in Budapest on March 24, 1874. Weisz arrived in the United States on July 3, 1878. The family changed their name to the German spelling Weiss, and Erik became Ehric. Friends called him “Ehrie” or “Harry”. When Weiss became a professional magician he began calling himself “Harry Houdini” after a French magician named Houdin. Harry […]

World Water Day

World Water Day March 22, 2016 This annual event focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. In 1993, the first World Water Day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly and since, each year focuses on a different issue pertaining to water. How can you help? Here are […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration that happens annually on 17 March to mark the death date of the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is also a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador and Montserrat. Keep reading for more facts about St. Patty’s […]

Valentine’s Day Science!

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday!  Join in doing some hands-on, FUN, Valentine’s Day science this weekend. Try some of these experiments below: Conversation Heart Science:  Experiment Supplies: conversation hearts or red hots water vinegar honey (or other sugary substance) salt/salt water microwave or freezer bleach Let’s find out what happens to the conversation hearts as […]


  Today we are celebrating the first ever International Day of Women and Girls in Science! This day has been created by the United Nations to empower women and young girls in order to push past the perceived masculine history of STEM, and go forth into amazing scientific fields.  According to a UN study conducted across 14 […]