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Think About It Thursday: How do Cats Always Land on their Feet?

Since today is #NationalCatDay, lets take a look at the science behind cats always landing on their feet! More often then not cats will actually land on their feet after some gravity defying stunts. BUT there are times where they don’t always nail the landing. A cat’s innate ability to reorient its body during a fall […]

The Science of Chocolate

Happy #NationalChocolateDay! With today being National Chocolate Day and only 3 days from Halloween, we figured it would be appropriate to discuss the science of chocolate! Many of you may have noticed different terms on your favorite candy bars wrapper describing it as chocolate, cocoa, & cacao. So what are the differences to these types […]

Discover Why Elephants Have Low Cancer Rates

Scientists have really struggled to explain why elephants rarely ever get cancer. But they may have finally cracked it: According to a new study, it’s all in the genes. Well, one gene, and their 20 copies of it. These massive mammals have about 20 copies of TP53, a gene that codes for a potent tumor-blocking protein.. Humans have […]