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What Will You Do With Your “Leap Second”?

June 30 will be the longest day in three years, because you’ll get one extra second in your day—a leap second. The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service adds a leap second every few years to keep the clocks we use to measure official time and the speed of Earth’s rotation in sync. The addition […]

What’s a Cephalopod?

A cephalopod is any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda. These exclusively marine animals are characterized by bilateral body symmetry, a prominent head, and a set of arms or tentacles modified from the primitive molluscan foot.

Think About It Thursday: Why Do We Feel Cold & Shiver When We Have A Fever?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seemed to notice a lot of friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances coming down with flu like symptoms. So naturally I started to wonder why we seem to shiver when we have fevers! It doesn’t quite make sense how you can shiver with chills in the midst of a burning […]

High Touch High Tech of Turkey Promotes Science to 40,000 Students!

Recently the Master Franchise of High Touch High Tech in Turkey, Eglenceli Bilim, was selected as the content developer of  a major project of TEGV. TEGV is a major non-governmental organization focusing on children education in Turkey. The project will last 3-5 years to promote math and science skills of 40,000 children in Turkey with the support of […]

The Science Behind the Etch-A-Sketch

Image Source: Have you ever wondered what the The Etch-A-Sketch® is really made of? Here at High Touch High Tech, we just figured the iconic toy was driven by magnets. But that is not the case at all! So how does an Etch-A-Sketch actually work?  An Etch-A-Sketch has a thick, flat gray screen in a red plastic frame. There are […]

Happy World Oceans Day 2015!

Since 2009, people around the world have celebrated World Oceans Day. The United Nations General Assembly took the concept, first proposed in 1992 and made it official on 5 December 2008. Since then, the event has grown and spread as the realization of the ocean’s importance to humanity has increased. Did you know: Oceans cover three […]

Think About It Thursday: Why Are Mountain Goats Such Great Climbers?

  Mountain goats, actually more related to an antelope than true goats, climb the very steep and rocky slopes to feed on any grass, shrub or tree they can find. Although they are very powerful, they are agile at the same time, being able to jump more than 4 meters. They prefer slippery slopes and rocks […]

‘San Andreas’ is Far From Scientific!

  Released on May 29, 2015 the summer blockbuster movie, San Andreas, is far from scientific. In an article just released by the New York Post, they discuss the live tweeting by United States Geological Survey seismologist and 30-year veteran in the field, Dr. Lucy Jones’ during the LA premiere of the earthquake-disaster flick. Jones states in one of her […]