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The First of Its Kind: A Warm Blooded Deep Sea Fish Discovered

Aside from its funky flat shape and peach-pink-silver coloring, the opah or moonfish (Lampris guttatus) has something else entirely unique going for it: It’s warm-blooded, the first fish ever discovered to have this trait, according to new research from NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region. The silvery fish, roughly the size of a large automobile tire, is […]

Think About It Thursday: What Does Thunder Look Like?

This weeks Think About It Thursday we will discover what thunder, not lightning, actually looks like!!  In a recent article published by USA Today, scientists reveal that they have actually “seen” thunder. “We all know what lightning looks like, and all hear the thunder that comes out from the lightning strike,” said Maher Dayeh, a research […]

Think About It Thursday: How Does A Polaroid Camera Work?

Today, May 7, is the birthday of scientist and inventor Edwin H. Land. Land was born on May 7, 1909 and is known mostly for his inventing of the Polaroid instant camera.  Happy Birthday Mr. Land!! Land also co-founded the Polaroid Corporation in 1937. Among other things, Land invented inexpensive filters for polarizing light, a practical system of in-camera […]