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High Touch High Tech CEO Visits Franchise Location in Vietnam!

A few weeks ago the High Touch High Tech CEO, Daniel Shaw, as well as company Vice President, Terri Connolly visited one of HTHT’s franchise locations in Hanoi, Vietnam. This trip was to have a proper Grand Opening of this franchise location with the company presidents. Please make sure to check out the photos from […]

Think About It Thursday: How Much Water Is In A Watermelon?

Tomorrow is the first day of May 2015! I cant believe how fast this year is going! So with summer just around the corner…let’s dedicate this Thursday’s post to a very popular summer food…the watermelon! The watermelon is no doubt named after one of it’s main ingredients. But do you know how much water is […]

Calbuco Volcano in Chile Erupts: First Time in 43 Years!

Nearly 4,000 Evacuated After the Calbuco Volcano erupts twice! The view from Puerto Varas shows a high column of ash and lava spewing from the Calbuco volcano in the darkness of early Thursday. The Calbuco volcano erupted Wednesday, spewing a giant plume of ash high into the sky. This volcano has stayed dormant for the last […]

Frogs VS Toads: The Ultimate Battle

Can you tell the difference between a frog and a toad? Let’s put these two species of amphibians into an ultimate battle of comparisons!  Frogs and toads may look similar but there are many differences between them! In this article we will discover the many differences and even some similarities between frogs and toads! Frogs […]

Think About It Thursday: Why Should We Wear Sunscreen?

  With summer quickly approaching it is important that we discuss the importance of sunscreen and why we should all wear it on a daily basis. So in today’s Think About It Thursday post we are going to discuss the importance of wearing sunscreen and why it is vital to our health to do so! […]

Think About It Thursday: What Actually Happens When You “Crack” Your Knuckles?

  I’m sure we all have that one friend or family member that likes to “crack” his knuckles. But have you ever given thought to what is actually happening in their hands to make that “cracking” sound? Let’s find out! According to, “In the 1970s, most experts thought it had to do with the […]

Think About It Thursday: How Do Allergies Work?

“Ah-choo!” It is said that approximately 50 million people in the United States suffer from some form of nasal allergy every year. Usually when outdoor molds release their spores, and trees, grasses, and weeds release tiny pollen particles into the air to fertilize other plants. So how exactly do allergies actually work? Your body’s immune system is able […]

Think About It Thursday: How Strong is An Egg?

Though it seems fragile, an eggshell is actually really strong because its dome shape. If you have seen the way eggs are sold in the market, you would have noticed that they are kept with their ends pointing up and are never left lying horizontally. Hens, too, incubate their eggs the same way, with the narrower end […]