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Youth Staff on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to the youth staff on the Explorer of the Seas! Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication! You all do an amazing job! Keep up the great work. -Daniel Shaw and the Corporate Staff of High Touch High Tech

December Where We Have Been in WNC and RDU!

Asteroid Amber of Western North Carolina HTHT Gets Rave Reviews!

Asteroid Amber of the Asheville, North Carolina High Touch High Tech office recently visited Glenn Marlow Elementary School in Mills River, NC to do our “What’s the Matter” program. The student’s learned about evaporation, molecules, polymerization, chemical reactions and more, through hands-on experiments! The student’s loved the in school field trip with Ms. Asteroid Amber […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines- Quantum of the Seas, High Touch High Tech Training

There’s a new ship in town and High Touch High Tech is on it! Partnering with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, HTHT will be providing FUN science experience to cruise go-ers that sail the new Quantum of the Seas! “With the introduction of Quantum of the Seas in Fall 2014 (and with the introduction of Anthem of the Seas in 2015 and Ovation of […]

Countdown to Christmas – The Science of Snowflakes

  With Christmas just around the corner (10 days away in fact), lets take a look into the science of snowflakes. Snowflakes are not just ordinary pieces of ice, they form randomly with extravagant designs and sculptures! Snowflakes are formed from water vapor that condenses directly into ice inside of clouds. They take shape as water […]

Think About It Thursday: Where Does Mistletoe Grow?

  Pucker up, Think About It Thursday is back again! This edition we will discover the strange place where that jolly little green plant, mistletoe, actually grows! Mistletoe is considered a semi parasitic plant. Meaning that it will attach itself to a tree or shrub, the roots will penetrate the branches and absorb water and […]

Think About It Thursday: Why Do Some People Need Glasses?

On an eye chart each line  has been assigned a number. During the eye test, patients will close or cover one eye and try to read each line of the chart until the letters become too small to read easily. If you can read the line labeled 20 from a distance of 20 feet, this […]