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Think About It Thursday: Why Do We “Spring Ahead” and “Fall Back”?

  As you may already know the end of Daylight Savings Time is up-coming this Sunday, November 1 2014. But what does the ending of DST really mean? Well you may have heard the expression “Spring ahead — Fall back” over the course of your lifetime. In the Spring, Daylight Savings Time starts, when we […]

October Update: Where Have We Been!?

High Touch High Tech of RDU and WNC have been busy for the month of October! Check out the list of school’s we’ve been to and some of the great feedback that teachers gave!  

Think About It Thursday: Where Does Sea Glass Come From?

  First off, if you are not sure what sea glass is, it is glass from bottles or other objects that the salt water has physically and chemically weathered over a certain period of time. This weathering gives the glass smooth edges and a “frosted” look to it. Typically it can take 1-2 years for […]

Holiday 2014 E-News!

Put the FUN back into your holiday function with hands-on science! From Halloween to New Years, High Touch High Tech is the perfect way to add excitement to your holiday celebration! Whether it’s a class party, corporate function or birthday extravaganza – you can make this holiday season one to remember with FUN, hands-on science […]

Think About It Thursday: Why are Tears Salty?

Almost every food item that we consume has some sort of salt in it. The sodium chloride (salt) gets dissolved by the body and ends up in your blood stream and tears!  Your blood contains a little less than 1 percent sodium chloride and your tears probably contain almost that much. Just for comparison, seawater […]

Rare Blood Moon Event

Look to the sky’s early morning on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 for a rare lunar event! We are in store for a total lunar eclipse. The last one we had before 2014 was dated back to December 2011. The total lunar eclipse that is taking place early morning on October 8, 2014 is the second of […]

High Touch High Tech Raleigh, Durham, and the Triangle

Hello High Touch High Tech friends! Just wanted to share with you some of the schools and afterschool programs that our Raleigh/Durham scientists have visited recently! Check it out: