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Science Debunked: The Chameleon and Wayferers

I’m sure that by now you have seen this video of the chameleon camouflaging itself to the color of the Wayferer sunglasses. But is this real or fake? \ We all want to believe that chameleons can camouflage their bodies into these spectacular colors, but in reality they only have four shades to work with — yellow, red, blue and […]

Think About It Thursday: How Fast Are Those Wings?

For today’s Think about it Thursday article, we are going to briefly look at different winged species and see how fast they are in comparison! Fruit Fly: 200 times per second Mosquito: 400 times per second Honey Bee: 230 times per second Dragonfly: 30 beats per second BUT can fly up to about 35mph! Butterfly: 5-12 times per […]

Just call me Biology Becca!

Biology Becca is teaching for High Touch High High Tech of Charlotte. She will soon be going on our corporate partner Royal Caribbean to work in the youth facilities, where she will be involved in the Adventure Science program. A High Touch High Tech branded program that has been running on RCCL fleet wide since […]

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

  Wishing everyone a happy Autumnal Equinox or first official day of Fall today! In celebration today’s post will be about the science behind building one of our favorite Fall pastimes, the corn maze. There is way more than you can imagine that goes into creating a corn maze. First, the farmer needs to decide […]

Think About It Thursday: Can Humans Walk on Water?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for humans to walk on just straight H2O without any sort of contraption or addition to the water. A recent experiment was done and it was found out that if cornstarch is added to water, the mixture creates something called oobleck. According to, “oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid. That is, it […]

High Touch High Tech uses Safe, Non-Toxic, Everyday Materials in All Experiments!

  Recently, in the news, we have heard about a couple of science experiments “gone wrong”. During a science demonstration at the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada one of their routine science experiments turned drastic when a methyl alcohol and boric acid mixture was used during an exhibition known as the “fire tornado” […]