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All American Breakfast Month and Breakfast Benefits for Students

“Cereal commercials, nutritionists and your mother all agree—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why Congress has declared September to be “All American Breakfast Month!” Dinosaur Dan’s Breakfast Breakfast over the past few hundred years has changed drastically. The pilgrims used to break the fasting from dinner and sleeping all night by […]

Think About It Thursday: Why Do Leaves Change Colors?

Leaf color comes from pigments. Pigments are natural substances produced by leaf cells. The three pigments that color leaves are: chlorophyll (which produces the green color) carotenoid(produces yellow, orange, and brown colors) anthocyanin (produces a red color) Chlorophyll is the most important of the three. Leaves contain chlorophyll in order to use the sunlight to […]

The September Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere Approches

  As the September Equinox approaches it is important to understand how the equinoxes were discovered and how to prepare for the astronomical event. Our human ancestors spent much more time outdoors than humans now a days. They learned to track the patterns of the sun and eventually used it to tell time and the […]

Students Should be Experimenting before Reading or Watching Videos

  It was first believed that students learned better by first reading or watching videos about a new topic before jumping into hands-on learning in the classroom. But thanks to Stanford researchers, that may no longer be the case. The Stanford researchers used the BrainExplorer, a table-top tool that simulates how the human brain processes […]

Incorporate a Science Night at your School this Year!

In September 2013, Sand Lake Elementary school in Orlando, Florida incorporated a Mystery Science Night for a few hours one evening after school. They invited teachers, parents and students to partake in a crime investigation and the students had to use what they have learned in science class to solve the crime. The science concepts […]

Real Time Reading for the Vision Impaired

  Scientists at MIT have been working on developing a way for people with visual impairments to be able to read. This”FingerReader” goes on as a ring and has a small camera that will scan the text and then read it aloud for the user to hear. “Special software tracks the finger movement, identifies words and […]

Create New Back-to-School Family Traditions

  In a recent article written in Jump In! magazine produced by School, the article describes 6 ways to create new Back-to-School family traditions.  “Establishing fun back-to-school traditions can help your kids feel more secure as they advance to the next grade. Traditions also strengthen family bonds and create fun memories.” Creating new traditions […]

HTHT of Vietnam Brings Hands-On Science to Orphanages and Low Income Families

High Touch High Tech of Hanoi, Vietnam is undertaking a large project where they will deliver hands-on and fun science programs to students from orphanages and low income families. This project will offer numerous science classes and camps to more than 1000 children in Hanoi and 4 nearby provinces. The purpose of such a project […]

High Touch High Tech of Chicago “Gets Buggy” with Beacon House

At the end of July High Touch High Tech of Chicago had the pleasure of teaching the students of Beacon House the difference between a bug and a spider. The students got to learn and have FUN while examining real bugs and even making a bug that they could eat!     Barb Karacic of […]

Here We Grow Again! HTHT is Pleased to Announce Another Franchise Addition!

High Touch High Tech is happy to announce a new addition to our ever-growing, global science family. The new HTHT franchise location will soon be opening its doors in Santa Clara County and the South Bay, CA. The franchise owner is Shalini Wadwani. Franchise training was completed the week of July 14th at the World Headquarters in […]