2014 Biltmore Farms Holiday Lighting Event: Western North Carolina HTHT

This past Friday, November 21, 2014, High Touch High Tech of Western North Carolina participated in a large community event to ring in the holidays! The kids and families were able to visit 3 of our tables where we did 3 different science experiments. The first experiment we did with the kids was “Ice Cube Fishing”, where they would try to catch a piece of ice on some string. The second table was our Make Your Own Snow station. The kids would get to take pippettes of water and watch their snow grow 300 times its size right in front of them! And lastly, the third table was for our Christmas Ornament Chromotagraphy experiment. They kids would be able to draw on their own ornament and then watch as the water separated the colors from the marker. All in all it was a fantastic evening of FUN and learning for everyone!





































If you have a holiday event/party for your work or organization, High Touch High Tech offers a fun and unique holiday party! Call and ask for more information today!

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