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Love Bugs? Become an Entomologist!

Entomology is the science of insects. People who study insects are called entomologists. Insects have been observed for thousands of years, but it was not until as early as the 1500’s that insects were scientifically studied. There are many things that we don’t know about the insect world. An Entomologist’s goal is to learn more about insects; like how they […]

July E-News: Buzz-ing Science: Rise of the Brood II Cicadas

If it hasn’t happened yet, it could occur any day now. The first signs are little holes in the ground in yards, orchards, and fields. Then, one warm evening, big, red-eyed bugs start to crawl out of the holes. The next morning, thousands upon thousands of these black, winged insects, known as cicadas, cover sidewalks, mailboxes, […]

July E-News: Discoveries that Have the Cicadas Buzzing

After 17 years underground, billions of cicadas are ready to emerge and see sunlight for the first time. They will blanket the East Coast until around mid-June, buzzing like jackhammers in harmony as they search for a mate. Since 1996, the periodical insects, which belong to a group called Brood II, have lived as nymphs two feet deep […]