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All Candy. All Science. All FUN – Make Your Halloween Scientifically Spooky!

Drop a Warhead in baking soda water, and bubbles erupt. Leave a Skittle in water, and the S floats to the surface. Melt a Starburst, and shiny oil spots form. That’s right, next week is Halloween which means – All Candy. All Science. All FUN!  Candy experiments are a great way to use up all […]

November E-News: I Didn’t Know I Could Recycle That!

“I see the chasing arrows, but I just don’t know what to do with my (insert product here).” It’s a common dilemma, especially for those items that don’t operate under a clear-cut recycling plan, such as plastic water bottles. Tack on a “hazardous” label and disposal laws, and you’ve got yourself a recycling conundrum. While […]

November E-News: Native American Science!

In November, we celebrate change – in more ways than one! We’re already halfway through the fall season, and we still see and feel many changes: it begins to get just a little bit colder, almost every leaf has fallen to the ground, and everyone is anticipating the first snowfall. One thing that never changes […]

To All Members of our HTHT Family Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Our thoughts are with all of our students, teachers, employees, franchisees, and corporate partners who are affected by Hurricane Sandy.   

The Science of the Perfect Storm – Hurricane Hunting with Sandy!

Starting yesterday evening, residents along the eastern U.S. coast and much further inland, from Washington D.C. to Chicago, hunkered down and braced for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, the biggest hurricane (by area) on record. Ever. (Since 1988.) Scientists have been following and projecting Sandy’s path with all the tools at their disposal: ocean buoys, radar and satellite imagery, and […]

Congratulations to the Asheville Tourists!

On September 14, 2012, the Asheville Tourists defeated the Greensboro Grasshoppers 10-4 to win the 2012 South Atlantic League Championship series three games to one. The SAL title is the first won by the Tourists since 1984. High Touch High Tech is a proud sponsor of the Asheville Tourists Education Day games each spring in […]

Arachnid Allen Gets Global Recognition for ScienceMadeFunKIDS!

This past March, High Touch High Tech introduced a new interactive e-learning community, ORBIT, that has taken the science education world by storm!  This addition to our popular transforms an ordinary computer into an exciting science lab engaging kids in exciting games & trivia. With games such as Tropical Monster, The Water Cycle & Infest Station – […]

SpaceX Capsule Launches ‘Space Mud’ Experiment Taking Hands-On Science into Orbit!

A commercial cargo ship rocketed into orbit Sunday in pursuit of the International Space Station, the first of a dozen supply runs under a mega-contract with NASA. It was the second launch of a Dragon capsule to the orbiting lab by the California-based SpaceX company. The first was last spring.  This time was no test flight, […]

Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Evidence of Ancient Stream!

  The NASA rover Curiosity has beamed back pictures of bedrock that suggest a fast-moving stream, possibly waist-deep, once flowed on Mars — a find that the mission’s chief scientist called exciting. There have been previous signs that water existed on the red planet long ago, but the images released Thursday showing pebbles rounded off, likely by […]