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New Element Discovered! 113 Gets it’s Claim to Fame!

  Japanese researchers are looking to add their mark in scientific history & to the periodic table. The past couple of years have made incredible advances in the world of chemistry, growing the periodic table more & more.  For the last nine years, a team of researchers at RIKEN’s Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science in Saitama, […]

October E-News: Woolly Worm Weatherman

  Halloween is the time for dressing up & pretending to be something or someone else, right? In that case, we feel that October seems to be the perfect month to celebrate the incredible Woolly Worm! Each fall, this friendly caterpillar steps into the shoes of a meteorologist to provide his take on the upcoming […]

October E-News: The Science of Fear

  As the leaves begin to fall & the temperatures begin to drop, creatures of the night will begin to emerge as we near one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, Halloween! Why do so many people like horror movies? Or rollercoaster’s? Or haunted houses? Or a good ghost story? Fear is typically […]

Pirates Need Science, Too!

Arrrrr. Today, September 19th, is international talk like a pirate day. No, seriously, yo ho ho, check the web. Ya know, matey, anyone could be a pirate, all ya needed was a proper disrespect for authority and a willingness to be seasick months at a time. But to be a truly successful pirate and not […]