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One Small Step…Armstrong Family Asks to Wink at the Blue Moon in Honor of Space Pioneer!

  A RARE “blue moon” is on its way, a fitting wink to Neil Armstrong by the cosmic calendar.  When you hear the words “Blue Moon,” what comes to mind? Some may say the popular 1935 song written by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart.  Others may say they think of the common idiom of something occurring “once [...]

Become a Hurricane Hunter with the Science of Hurricanes!

Most people associate twisters with tornadoes, but in fact tropical twisters come from hurricanes. Hurricanes are what scientists call “strong Tropical Cyclones”. They are formed when large areas of the ocean become heated, and the air pressure over that area drops. This causes thunderstorms and strong surface winds. Cyclones develop over tropical or sub-tropical waters [...]

September E-News: “An Apple a Day…” Juicy Advice Backed by Science!

Everyone has heard the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”…but why do people say it? The first printed mention of this saying can be found in the February 1866 issue of the publication “Notes and Queries.” The publication printed the proverb like this: “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll [...]

September E-News: Newton’s Apple… The Real Story!

  It is one of the most famous anecdotes in the history of science. The young Sir Isaac Newton is sitting in his garden when an apple falls on his head and, in that moment he understands that the very same force that brought the apple crashing toward the ground also keeps the moon falling [...]

First Man to Walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, Dies

 On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins came into orbit around the Moon.  Before long, the command module Columbia separated from the Lunar Module Eagle, and Aldrin and Armstrong headed for a historic achievement.  Soon, Neil Armstrong was taking mankind’s first steps onto the moon.  This transformed the engineer into a [...]

Think About it Thursday: Do All Animals Leave Tracks?

    Head on over to Think About it Thursday today to follow along in some furry footsteps! Have you ever thought about… Do all animals leave tracks? When is the best time to look for animal tracks? What are some clues you can use to identify animal tracks? Did you know? Did you know [...]

Think About it Thursday: How Does Scratch & Sniff Work?

Do you smell that? Smells like another Think About it Thursday! Have you ever thought about… How does scratch and sniff work? Does scratch and sniff technology have practical uses? What is microencapsulation? Did you know? Have you ever played with scratch and sniff stickers? They’re not as common as they used to be. If [...]

17-Foot-Long Python Found in the Florida Everglades!

  That’s what a 17-foot-long snake looks like. The Florida Everglades are practically overrun with Burmese pythons.  The snake, native to Southeast Asia, isn’t supposed to be in Florida, but thanks to consumers releasing exotic reptiles into the wild, Florida is the world capital for invasive reptiles.  The python has been a Florida resident for 30 [...]

ScienceMadeFunKIDS Word of the Week

 CONSTELLATION Patterns formed by groups of stars in the night sky.   For FUN constellation activities, click here! Have you ever wondered what makes a volcano explode or how a giraffe’s neck can be so long? Science has the answers to these questions and much more. Explore the amazing world of science then do your [...]

Fund Your Next HTHT Workshop With a Grant!!

Start the 2012-2013 school year off with excitement! There’s no better way to get students out of the “summer slump” and back on track than with High Touch High Tech!  Looking for ways to fund your next High Touch High Tech workshop? Whether your looking to fund your next exciting elementary programs or upcoming senior [...]