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August E-News: Mother Nature’s Olympians Crowned!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games have officially begun and five days in, the athletes are well on their way to captivating the world with their super-human abilities. Watching these athletes in action, vying for gold can be mesmerizing to those of us sitting at home. The Olympics are a time to celebrate the world’s fastest [...]

August E-News: The Science of Sports

The 2012 Olympic Games  are in full swing and for the next week, millions will be watching & cheering on athletes from around the world. This year’s Games include thirty-six large categories of sporting competition, ranging from gymnastics, cycling, swimming, and track and field to beach volleyball, archery, table tennis, Judo and more. And in every [...]

Science Goes for Gold with New NBC Series: The Science of the Olympics!

Tomorrow the quest for Olympic Gold begins as the best athletes in the world gather in London to battle it out for their chance of athletic glory. If all goes well, the organization and technology that runs the event will be seamlessly invisible, allowing fans both at the event and at home to follow every step, [...]

Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

Amelia Earhart is honored by Google with a birthday Doodle. One of the world’s most famous pilots, Amelia Earhart was one of the first female pilots who sought to break endurance records and prove women pilots were just as tough and capable as the men. In 1937 she took off from Papua New Guinea in an [...]

Think About it Thursday: Can You Really Hear the Ocean in a Shell?

Shhh! Can you hear that? I think it’s today’s Think About it Thursday! Have You Ever Thought About… Can you really hear the ocean in a shell? What type of shell is best for “hearing the ocean”? Can you hear the “ocean” in any other objects?   Did You Know? Have you ever visited the [...]

Pluto Gets A Fifth Moon!

  Once upon a time, there were nine planets in the solar system.  Then astronomers decided to remove Pluto from the equation, describing the smallest and most distant planet in the solar system as something more like a moon and less like an actual planet.  Well, scientists are taking a second look at the lone planet, [...]

‘Keep32′ Molecule Leads to Cavity-Proof Teeth!

Scientists have discovered a new molecule that will make your teeth cavityproof and may change dental care forever. They have appropriately named it Keep 32—for your 32 teeth—and it can kill the bacteria that produces cavities in 60 seconds flat. José Córdoba—a researcher at Yale University—and Erich Astudillo—from the Universidad de Santiago, Chile—claim that this molecule can be [...]

ScienceMadeFunKIDS Word of the Week!

Crustacean: A member of a group of mostly aquatic invertebrates; includes crabs, lobsters and shrimp.   Have you ever wondered what makes a volcano explode or how a giraffe’s neck can be so long? Science has the answers to these questions and much more. Explore the amazing world of science then do your very own science [...]