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Ahoy! Safe Sailing for Memorial Day!

For those that are thinking of setting sail for the holiday weekend, remembering the rules of boating safety can ensure a fun & memorable holiday for everyone. You can keep your holiday excursion filled with excitement by making safety a priority and incorporating it into your regular boating routine. Experts from the National Safe Boating […]

Tools of Navigation: The Science of Finding Your Way!

  We use navigation in almost every aspect of our lives and most of the time don’t give it a second thought. Unless you found this article by chance or good luck, you are probably familiar with navigating your way around the world wide web on a regular basis. We all have experienced navigation on […]

HTHT of Central NJ Bridge Generation Gap with Hands-On Science!

Second graders from Immaculate Conception School in Somerville, CT joined the residents of Brandywine Senior Living Center this week for a science experience that proved… your’e never too old to learn! High Touch High Tech of Conneticut franchise owner, Planet Preeti,  engaged the inter-generational groups in two sessions of the popular, environmental themed program – “The Green […]

The Science Behind The Ice Cream Brain Freeze!

Delicious, beautiful, and bound to cause a headache. The ice cream headache is one of the most common and most hated sources of headache.  When you’re tucking into a delicious ice cream treat or slurping down a milkshake, the last thing you want is that stabbing pain in your skull from getting a little too enthusiastic with […]

The End of an Era: Discovery Draws Eyes to Sky for Final Flight!

Space Shuttle Discovery has launched into its next era. The retired shuttle landed safely at Washington-Dulles International Airport Tuesday, where it will remain until it is moved to the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center Thursday. Eyes around the world watched as the retired spacecraft, riding atop a 747, flew low over the Capitol and surrounding areas. According to NASA, Discovery completed […]

Caine’s Arcade: Cardboard Creation Inspires $90,000 Scholarship!

Caine Monroy has proven there’s no limit to what you can create from a big pile of cardboard and an even bigger imagination. The 9-year-old from Los Angeles built a fantasy arcade in his father’s East L.A. used car parts shop during his summer vacation. He created the entire arcade by recycling cardboard boxes and […]

New Canadian Quarter Features Glow-in-the-Dark Alberta Dinosaur!

When you think Canada, from now on you can think of dinosaurs. Glow in the dark dinosaurs! The image of a dinosaur whose remains were discovered in Alberta’s Peace Country will be featured on Canada’s newest quarter — the first Canadian coin with a glow-in-the dark picture. The quarter, being released by the Royal Canadian […]

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Where Nature Meets High-Tech!

Visitors at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California stood in amazement on Saturday as the aquarium premiered their new jellyfish exhibit, “The Jellies Experience.” The ‘Jellies Experience’ exhibition features 16 species of jellyfish from around the world and is rich with high-tech, interactive gizmos of the sort demanded by 21st century visitors.  The new […]