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Canadian High Schoolers Send Lego Astronaut Into Space!

Canada’s first astronaut? For four and a half months, Canadian high school students Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammed spent every Saturday working on a project.  No, it wasn’t restoring an old car, it was building a homemade satellite/space vehicle.  Somehow, they not only managed to build their spacecraft, they managed to send a Lego minifigure into [...]

Top 10 Toad-ally Bizarre Frogs For Leap Day!

Why think of frogs on this leap year’s 366th day? These slimy creatures can perform astounding acts of nature. Some species of frogs live only on land, some live in water, while others live in water and on land. These tailless amphibians can be found almost everywhere, but the highest population is found in tropical [...]

Think About It Thursday : Why Do Bubbles Float?

  Almost everyone has enjoyed a sunny afternoon outdoors blowing soap bubbles and watching them sail off in the breeze. But have you ever stopped to wonder what gives bubbles their flying power? Have you ever wondered… Why do bubbles float? Why do helium balloons float better than balloons filled with regular air? What makes [...]

Earth Hit By Largest Solar Radiation Storm Since 2003!

It’s been a long time since Earth was hit by a solar storm of the magnitude of the solar storm that hit Earth’s atmostphere over the weekend; according to the NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, the earth was hit by the largest solar storm since 2003 beginning on late Sunday night and stretching into Tuesday morning. [...]

Think About It Thursday: Why Do Different States Have Different Weather?

One of the first things you probably do when you wake up in the morning is look outside and check the weather. Should you wear a sweater or a raincoat? Snow boots or flip-flops? But if you have ever talked to a friend from another state, you may have wondered why some states have sunny [...]

Hundred Year Old Predictions For The Future Come True!

Predicting the future is usually difficult although an American engineer did a pretty good job when he wrote his predictions for the next hundred years way back in 1900.  John Elfreth Watkins was a civil engineer working for American railroads of the 19th century. In 1900, he contributed an article to the Ladies’ Home Journal, [...]

HTHT of Oakland County Cooks Up Excitement With Kitchen Chemistry!

High Touch High Tech of Oakland County, Michigan kicked off 2012 by cooking up some fun with the students at Bingham Farms Elementary School! Students became real scientists as they rolled up their sleeves and got hands-on with the “Kitchen Chemistry” afterschool program. From creating HTHT’s signature “Space Mud” to colorful sidewalk chalk, these students were excited about [...]

Happy Birthday Benjamin Franklin!

                        The Lightning Rod When most of us think about Benjamin Franklin and his inventions, we think about a man running around outside during a thunderstorm with a kite. Ask any child and they will be quick to tell you that Benjamin Franklin invented [...]

Scientists Discover We’ve Got a Sixth Taste Bud!

Remember back when life was simple and we only had FOUR types of taste buds . . . sweet, sour, salt, and bitter?  And then in the ’80s, we found out there was a fifth type, one that tasted savory flavors? Well now it turns out we’ve had a SIXTH one all along.  And the flavor it [...]

Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2011

From law-violating subatomic particles to entirely new, earth-like worlds, 2011 was an incredible year for scientific discovery. In the past 12 months, scientific breakthroughs in fields ranging from archaeology to structural biochemistry have allowed humanity to rewrite history, and enabled us to open to brand new chapters in our development as a species. Here are [...]