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3 Dates Scheduled for Students in Chicagoland to Discover Why Matter Matters!

Students learn all about matter with HTHT of Chicagoland! Butterfield students will learn about “Matter Matters” during an in-school workshop provided by HTHT of Chicagoland. Students will discover all states of matter including plasma, explore evaporation rates, see the cool journey from liquid to gas and discover liquid densities during the hands-on science experience.  The […]

Gamers Help Decipher Structure of AIDS Virus in 3 Weeks!

  In only three weeks, gamers did what scientists weren’t able to do in a decade: they’ve deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an HIV-like virus. This isn’t some silly “Let’s Cure AIDS!” game or “Science Research Tycoon” we’re talking about here – it’s the real deal. We’re also not talking about charity work. […]

Explore The Age of the Dinosaurs with HTHT Chicagoland!

  High Touch High Tech Chicagoland is making science fun for kids in Frankfort! HTHT Chicagoland  is returning to the Frankfort Public Library for another cool program on Tuesday, September 20th.  More than 50 kids & their parents will go on a Jurassic adventure & step back in time to the age of the dinosaurs […]

Meet High Touch High Tech’s New Vice President, Brand Development!

It is with great pleasure that High Touch High Tech announces the promotion of Terri Connolly to her new position of Vice President, Brand Development.  The promotion recognizes Terri’s strong leadership and her contributions to the overall success of the High Touch High Tech brand. As Vice President of Brand Developement, Terri will oversee all aspects […]

16 “Super-Earths” Found Outside Solar System

  It’s not like aliens put up a welcome banner or anything, but scientists now have newly identified at least one planet that could potentially sustain life. The European Southern Observatory has just announced the discovery of more than 50 new exoplanets (planets outside our solar system), including 16 super-Earths (planets whose mass is between […]

Unprecedented Scientific City To Be Built in New Mexico!

There are all kinds of ghost towns around the globe. There’s an abandoned city in Latvia that was up for auction.  There are multiple small former communities in Antarctica, which are present day ghost towns. At one point, there was even a ghost town amusement park, abandoned in the heart of New Orleans.  This past  […]

Kids Go “Bonkers for Blood” with High Touch High Tech of the Bay Area!

High Touch High Tech of the Bay Area provided a scientist Discover Camp at Union City, CA. Operated by Union City Leisure Services, the theme for 2011-2012 was crime fighting “Biology Brad” led the kids through fingerprinting, blood typing, and biological sleuthing with “Forensic Fun” and “Bonkers For Blood.” The kids lifted fingerprints and typed […]

Parents Magazine Lists 5 Ways To Have FUN with Science!

    How many times a day do you think kids ask “why”? Probably too many to actually keep count even if we tried!  Kids are naturally equipped with a curiosity of how things work. I guess you could say that they are researchers in their own rite. Wired like little sponges, children will absorb […]