High Touch High Tech Launches New KIDS Website

High Touch High Tech is pleased to announce the launch of our new website


Designed with kids in mind, this website is colorful, FUN and interactive. Children will enjoy the animated characters and sound effects while answering science trivia questions, giggling at science jokes and rolling up their sleeves to complete science experiments in their very own home!

We are excited to offer this new resource to teachers, camp directors, pre-school directors, afterschool coordinators and  parents as a safe place for children to visit online that provides both entertainment and education.

High Touch High Tech science education franchises have been fueling the imaginations of children everywhere, since 1994, by providing FUN, interactive, hands-on science and nature experiences. Through discovery style learning and inquiry based dialogue, children are engaged in exciting programs that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science. High Touch High Tech serves over 4 million participants annually across more than 750 school districts in 5 countries. For more information about Hight Touch High Tech – Science Made Fun, visit our website at www.ScienceMadeFun.net.

High Touch High Tech Announces New Partnership With DreamWorks Animation!

High Touch High Tech announces new corporate partnership with DreamWorks Animation!


DreamWorks Animation is known throughout the world for their high-quality entertainment, including  animated feature films, television specials and series, live entertainment experiences and online virtual worlds. When it comes to promoting their films, DreamWorks is known for their exciting partnerships with some of the worlds top companies such as AT&T, Mattell, McDonalds & VTech.  DreamWorks has now added High Touch High Tech to their list of partners!

As the world leader in innovative science programming, High Touch High Tech is excited to partner with DreamWorks to develop meaningful, memorable and compelling science programs to align with their 4 franchise properties. These properties include:





Kung Fu Panda


and How To Train Your Dragon


High Touch High Tech has been fueling the imaginations of children everywhere, since 1992 and franchising since 1994.  Over 4 million people participate in High Touch High Tech programs each year spanning the ages from preschool to senior adults. High Touch High Tech currently operates 30 franchise locations in 5 countries including: The United States, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new partnership!

Learn All About Dreamworks Here:


HTHT of Connecticut Make A Splash with Third Graders at Park Avenue School!

High Touch High Tech of Connecticut & Westchester NY made a splash last week at Park Avenue School in Port Chester, CT.  Third graders were immersed in FUN with our “Water, Water Everywhere” program.

The students participated in exciting hands-on experiments as they discovered why water is the most amazing chemical on earth!

Check out the full story in this awesome article featuring High Touch High Tech of CT at Park Avenue School

HTHT Makes Wakes Water Splash At Park Avenue School

Are you in the Connecticut or WestChester County, NY? Have FUN & Contact your local High Touch High Tech office:


Phone: 203.227.8112

Email: info@ScienceMadeFunCT.net

Kids Across China Have FUN Sailing with Science on Royal Caribbean!

Royal Caribbean International has recently announced that their ship Voyager of the Seas will be expanding to include China in 2012! Now, kids across China cruising with Royal Caribbean can experience High Touch High Tech!

Every year, more and more families are sailing with Royal Caribbean International. A cruise vacation gives families a chance to spend time together and create memories while exploring exciting new places.

Royal Caribbean offers plenty of ways to keep kids entertained including fun on-board activities including the awesome Adventure Ocean Program.

Conducted by specially trained Adventure Ocean Youth Staff, children participate in a variety of theme parties, sporting events and even hands-on science with High Touch High Tech!

In 1998, Royal Caribbean International partnered with High Touch High Tech to provide “edu-taining” activities by introducing the Adventure Science program.

For for more than 13 years, children participating in Adventure Ocean have enjoyed FUN, hands-on science experiments with programs such as Fossil Fever, Environmentation Station, The Power of the Sun, Volcanoes, Space Mud, Staggaring through the Stars, Buccaneers Bounty and more.

Learn More About the New Voyager of The Seas in China

For more information about the Adventure Science program on-board Royal Caribbean International, visit:

Aquanauts (Ages 3-5)

Explorers (Ages 6-8)

Voyagers (Ages 9-11)

High Touch High Tech Sparks FUN for Students Across South Korea

High Touch High Tech provides programming for over 4million children worldwide!

Check out these awesome pictures of students in South Korea getting hands-on while learning about science with High Touch High Tech. These pictures just go to show that FUN is a universal language!

For More information on High Touch High Tech of South Korea, visit their website at www.ScienceMadeFunKR.net or contact them at:

High Touch High Tech of South Korea
3rd FL. 1186-1 Gaepo-dong, Kangnam-gu
Seoul, Korea
Phone: 82.2.529.2377
Fax: 82.2.575.1219
email: soyeun_u@hightouch-hightech.co.kr


Find a High Touch High Tech Near You!

Rare Video Captured By NASA: Huge Solar Flare Explosion!


Image Source: Pixabay.com

Though the energy released is not heading directly at the Earth, it may cause some atmospheric disturbance on Wednesday or Thursday night, enough to cause some spectacular auroras and possibly disrupt some satellites, NASA reports.

See the explosion:

Chef’s on Bravo’s Hit Reality Show “Top Chef: Masters” Trade in Aprons for Goggles for Edible Science Fair!

For the contestants on Bravo’s hit reality show “Top Chef: Masters,” the chefs traded in their aprons for goggles and stovetops for Bunsen Burners in this past weeks “Blinded Me With Science” episode.  For the elimination challenge, the five remaining contestants had to choose from five scientific principles, and then make a dish that demonstrates the principle at the Edible Science Fair for students. Oh, and it had to taste good too!

With a group of actual scientists as their sous chefs, watch how these chefs experiment with emulsion, acidity, viscosity, elasticity and even the Maillard reaction (heat changing the color of meat). And if showing the scientific principle wasn’t enough – all chefs had to cook using lab tools, so we’re talking Bunsen burners and beakers instead of stove tops and pans and serve their creations in a petri dish!

Watch the video below or check out the slideshow of photos from the episode!



Read More About This Episode & Bravo’s Series- Top Chef:Masters by clicking here:

‘Top Chef: Masters’ blinded me with science



High Touch High Tech Crushes STEMsation Day!

STEMsation 2011 is an annual event sponsored by the Region 20 Educational Service Center. On May 5th, 14 fifth grade classrooms out of 350 regional elementary schools were selected to participate in the event. HTHT conducted sessions for the fifth year. Students in our session utilized The Crusher to test and record the strength of paper columns. Scientists and engineers design many types of new products for use by consumers. To insure that their products are safe for use, they will test their designs in many different ways to evaluate the product performance and determine the limitations. Columns are a good example of structures that must be safe and reliable; tables and chairs, flag poles, human legs, building and bridge supports for example.

In San Antonio, the Tower of the Americas is a grand example of a column that was certainly designed and tested for safety in many ways prior to construction. With this introduction, students then took turns making and testing their columns. Columns were made by rolling a piece of paper around a mandrel and then taping.

The mandrel is removed and the paper column is placed into The Crusher. The student then begins to add sand, then more sand, then more, then more, the anticipation is almost unbearable, until suddenly, the column is crushed! FUNTASTIC! The student measures the amount of sand using the scale on the bottle. Students get a real hands-on feel for measurement when they have to lift the bottle to empty the contents; they can really relate the weight with the number. Each result is added to the classroom chart and soon the distribution and need for conducting multiple tests becomes visually evident. Students received a HTHT pencil “column” for their participation.


Other presenters included Texas Agrilife Extension Services, Texas Wildlife Association, Cockrell School of Engineering University of Texas Austin, San Antonio Water System, Interactive Technology Experience Center UTSA, San Antonio Botanical Garden, Cibolo Nature Center, ESC-20 Living Science Center, ESC-20 Fun with Voki, ESC-20 Solving Engineering Problems, and Steve Wolf’s Science in the Movies.

ESC-20 is one of twenty non-regulatory regional education service agencies within Texas which assist school districts in improving student performance and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations. ESC-20 provides administration, business support, certification, recruitment, curriculum, instruction and assessment, health and safety, professional development, specialized services and technology to 50 school districts in Bexar and 14 surrounding counties.

Somerset Afterschool has a Blast!

High Touch High Tech of San Antonio and Communities In Schools have been collaborating for five years with in-class programs, career days, mentoring, and summer school. HTHT has provided fun science enrichment classes that align the CIS mission of “empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life”.  Afterschool programs were a new addition this year with 36 classes being held in Somerset ISD at Barrera, Somerset, and Savannah Heights with 3rd-6th grades. What a blast the students had launching their film canister pop rockets!

We first discussed Newton’s third law of motion and how that applies to rockets, the chemical reaction, pressure, then safety, operational procedures, and then the fun began! Students worked in teams of two to fill, load, cap, and count off their pop launch. With unbridled enthusiasm, they retrieved their rocket, measured the launch distance, diligently marked the result on their chart, then did it again, and again, and again!

After cleaning up and returning to the classroom, students discussed their results, observations, variables, and conclusions. On that day, the typical launch was 8-14 meters! The CIS director, Ms. Richardson, is shown with several of her Somerset elementary students, and me, Mr. Sonic – Sizzlin’ Scientist.


“Thank you for all the experiments you did with us. I liked the rockets the best, they were so cool! The power pill made the H2O explode! It was amazing” – Victoria 4th grade


“Thank you Mr. Sonic for all the things you have done for us. My favorite thing was the rocket because when we put the thing in and it went POP! – Elise 3rd grade