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Space Shuttle Discovery To Fly For The Last Time

A 30-year mission is coming to an end for NASA.  Today, Space Shuttle Discovery is making its final launch from NASA Launch Pad 39A from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The Space Shuttle flights are coming to an end, with Discovery making its 39th launch from the surface of the Earth. Discovery is set to launch at 4:50 […]

High Touch High Tech of Houston shows students why science matters!

On February 11, 2011, Doppler Dean from High Touch High Tech visited CCS to conduct science experiments on “matter” with both first grade classes.  During this in-school science field trip, students participated in experiments with many different materials and substances regarding solids, liquids, and gases!    First graders now know that matter is the “stuff” […]

Festival of Knowledege 2011

High Touch High Tech sponsored the WNC Nature Center’s Festival of Knowledge again this year & it was a blast!  The annual festival highlights a free science fair where kids make awesome science projects & compete for great prizes. The Best in Show award this year won a FREE Birthday Party from High Touch High […]

Is It Magic Or Science? You Be The Judge!

Allison from High Touch High Tech Vancouver found some great ways that you can become a magician! The following little ‘tricks’ will appear to be magic until you understand the science behind them.  There’s an old saying that science begins with wonder, and getting your students to wonder how tricks like these work is an excellent way […]

Add Some Science To Your Valentine’s Day- FUN and Simple Activities!

Love has a lot to do with chemistry, so if you’re looking to connect Valentine’s Day with chemistry, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these FUN and simple experiments that relate to Valentine’s Day. Crystal Heart Decoration: This crystal heart only takes a couple of hours to grow & makes a pretty Valentine’s Day […]

High Touch High Tech uses enthusiasm to ignite fifth-graders’ minds in Dallas, TX

  Lakeside Elementary’s fifth-grade students became scientists and shared hands-on experiences of concepts established by Sir Isaac Newton through participating in a PTO-sponsored workshop of “Newton in the Nutshell.” Cranium Crystal & Rockin’ Ruth Ann, scientists from the Dallas location, used enthusiasm to ignite fifth graders’ minds as they perfromed various experiments to test Newton’s three […]

Students at Scotland Elementary in Ridgefield, CT Get Their Hands On Science!

  Students in Ridgefield, CT will get to experience FUN , hands-on science in the upcoming weeks & months. High Touch High Tech of Conneticut will be exposing the students of Scotland Elementary to the amaxing world of science and nature. Kindergarten through fifth grade will participate in interactive hands-on workshops funded by the school PTO.  The students are excited […]

5 Fun, Scientific Facts About Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to share a little sweet science. Chocolate has long been associated with the holiday of love, but did you know there is actual scientific reasoning for why we love chocolate? For the past 7 years, a popular club at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology […]

NASA Finds 1200 New Exoplanets

  While NASA continues to search for more rocky planets outside of the solar system, they’re also still searching for Earth-like planets here in our own backyard.  For example, Cygnus is one of our closest neighbors, from a galactic sense, and NASA has deployed the Kepler Space Telescope to study the Milky Way galaxy. As it […]

Japanese Volcano Wakes Up After 52 Years

  The Shinmoedake volcano is widely known to an international audience.  For James Bond fans, it’s known as the secret volcano base of Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.  However, for the Japanese, Shinmoedake is best known as the volcano that’s erupting right now.  Shinmoedake volcano, in the Kirishima mountain range on the southwestern island of […]