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Hubble Telescope Finds Most Distant Galaxy Visible From Earth

  The Hubble Space Telescope has captured what astronomers are claiming is the oldest galaxy in the universe. Here’s some of what NASA’s Hubble website says about the discovery “The farthest and one of the very earliest galaxies ever seen in the universe appears as a faint red blob in this ultra-deep–field exposure taken with NASA’s […]

The Nation’s Report Card Just Released: Less Than Half Of Students Proficient In Science

Very few students have the advanced skills that could lead to careers in science and technology, according to results of a national exam released Tuesday that are alarming educators nationwide. Only 1 percent of fourth-grade and 12th-grade students, and 2 percent of eighth-graders scored in the highest group on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational […]

Check Out What’s New For High Touch High Tech!

Happy New Year! All of us here at High Touch High Tech hope that the second half of the 2010-2011 school year has gotten off to a great start! There’s no better way to get your students out of the “holiday blues” & back on track than with a High Touch High Tech in-school workshop. […]

Genetics Determine Who Becomes Friends

  If you’re having trouble finding friends, blame your DNA.  According to scientists, our DNA contains markers that apparently help foster the bonds of friendship. Could your circle of acquaintances be determined by your genetic disposition?  Perhaps so. Using two independent studies, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and the Framingham Heart Study, scientists have determined […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why Snow is White?

  Over the past few days, snow has blanketed most of the country. Have you ever wondered why snow is white?  Bright marshmallow-colored snow blinds us with its gleaming white color because it reflects beams of white light. Instead of absorbing light, snow’s complex structure prevents the light from shining through its lattice formation. A […]

Supernova Discovered By 10-Year-Old!!

  Age is no barrier when it comes to supernova hunting, as 10-year-old Kathryn Gray has just proven. The Canadian schoolgirl was scanning through astronomical images on Jan. 2 when she made the record-breaking find. According to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Kathryn is the youngest ever discoverer of a supernova! The supernova was spotted […]