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Trouble Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution In Previous Years? Science Says…Blame It On The Brain!

  Willpower, like a bicep, can only exert itself so long before it gives out; it’s an extremely limited mental resource. Given its limitations, New Year’s resolutions are exactly the wrong way to change our behavior. It makes no sense to try to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time, or to clean […]

After 75 Years, The Last Roll Of Kodak Kodachrome Film Will Be Developed Today

In 1935, George Eastman’s Kodak company introduced a color photograph film called Kodachrome.  For entire generations, Kodachrome was the only color film that they knew, and at one point there were 25 labs processing film around the world.  That’s before the day of digital cameras.  Since then, color film has been on the decline. One by one, the […]

Got the Winter Blues? Weather’s Effect on Mood Revealed

  Does cold, dark weather get you down? Research explains how weather tends to affect people’s moods. New research into the connection between weather and moods has started to chip away at old myths as well as uncover some potentially powerful treatments for the winter blues. When it comes to how weather affects moods, people […]

Brrr…’s cold outside!

With winter weather in full swing, we have heard a lot about the “wind chill factor”. What exactly is wind chill and how do you “factor” it in to the temperature? In basic terms, windchill is the temperature a person feels because of the wind. The movement of air increases heat loss by convection – similar to […]

The Tech Behind the XBOX 360 Kinect- Is it Science or Magic? *Hint- It’s Science!*

  The new XBOX 360 Kinect is a game-changer when it comes to how we play our games. At first glance, Kinect looks like an overly wide webcam and indeed an RGB camera is one of its components. What sets Kinect apart is that it also incorporates a depth sensor and multi-directional microphone array to […]

Starry Starry Night: Our Expanding Universe

What are Galaxies? Did you know that galaxies are the vast islands of stars filling space?  Our own spiral-shaped Milky Way, parts of which can be seen on clear nights streaking across the sky, contain hundreds of billions of stars. Here Are 3  Fun Facts about Galaxies: The word ‘galaxy’ is derived from the Greek […]

Making & Recycling Paper At Home

Although thought of as an art, High Touch High Tech of South Florida uses this pulp recipe for paper-making science. You can use this activity not only to teach students how they can make their own recycled paper, but also teach students the value of recycling. The following recipe & instructions come to us from High […]

The Science of Gingerbread- Science In Every Bite!

  Are you planning to make a gingerbread house this holiday season? Before you mix up that first batch of dough, think about the wonderful ways that building a house can teach science. Inside the kitchen, much more is going on than pouring and mixing – it’s science at work! How many gumdrops can a […]