Students really, “Dig It”, at Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary

It was an exciting morning for the 1st grade students at Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary School in Spartanburg, SC!  Asteroid Andy, scientist with High Touch High Tech, delivered the “Dig It’” program in which students got to pan for gemstones and perform all kinds of interesting and FUN geological tests on the gemstones they found. Students were super excited when they found out they got to keep their gemstones! The teachers enjoyed the program as much as the students and were pleased to see how eager their students were to learn about the gems they discovered. 
One student, Demi, described the day perfectly……”On October 19 we had a science program called Dig It.  We got to do mining for rocks.  We got to find rocks.  We had a super day.  My favorite part was when we got to find the rocks.  Asteroid Andy showed us to learn about rocks.  It was super.” 
High Touch High Tech is looking forward to their next visit with Carlisle-Foster’s Grove Elementary when 4th grade students get to participate in the Cosmic Capers program!

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Reaching New Heights

Recently, HTHT franchisees came from all over and descended on Asheville, North Carolina. The occasion was the Reaching new Heights 2010 Franchise Conference held at the Renaissance hotel in Asheville August 26-29, 2010.  Some franchisees traveled great distances from their home territories. Some came from Seoul, South Korea, Vancouver, Canada, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Fun and camaraderie was on the agenda, as well as delicious food, blue grass music, and our very own HTHT drumming circle. We also learned a great deal about social media, our web site, and search engine efficiencies from our local webmaster and expert Allen Porter from Quasi Suave Digital.  Most of all all franchisees loved learning from each other. We are a great group!

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Teacher Workshop at Channels for Child Care Advancement

Our very own Daniel Shaw, National Program Director of High Touch High Tech, conducted an exciting science workshop for local teachers. This workshop took place at the Western Regional Early Childhood Education Conference Sponsored by Channels for Child Care Advancement and Buncombe County Child Care Services in Asheville, NC.

It was so well received that High Touch High Tech was invited back to participate in the conference next year. Here’s what some of the workshop participants had to say about their hands-on science experience….. 

“Great! I never cared for biology but loved this”

“I like the hands-on learning to make science fun and interesting for children. Great energy and good ideas.”

“Loved the hands-on activities and experiments – thought Dinosaur Dan was very enjoyable.”

“Fun and energetic. *Really nice and helpful.* Very interesting and entertaining.”

You too can schedule an exciting, fun filled, hands-on science experience or teacher’s workshop at your school! Visit the High Touch High Tech website at: for a location near you !!

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Sky High Volcano

Sky High VolcanoDuring a recent Super Science birthday party provided by Biology Brad from High Touch High Tech of the San Francisco Bay Area, birthday boy Joe erupted a volcano that went sky high! The birthday party took place in Concord, CA and the volcano erupted 6 feet high – twice the height of the birthday boy!

“It was great to see the children having such a great time without having to run around like maniacs!! Everyone was raving about you after you left………I think it was nice for the parents to see their kids actually doing something constructive at a party, I am so glad I found your website and booked you up!!! Joe got lots of really good presents today but the only one that has kept his interest all day is the one you gave him, he is fascinated by it and has shown everybody who has come to the house today.” Mrs. Nicola Bell (parent of birthday child).

High Touch High Tech birthday parties provide 75-minutes of non-stop hands-on science fun for the birthday child and friends. All parties consist of hands-on experiments for all children, a science certificate for each child and a fun science gift for the birthday child.

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Creepy, Crawlie Roaches

Ryan and his roachWOW – look what our “Rocket Ryan” Paskow, Scientist from High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte, has to say about this amazing photo op !

“I recently visited Springfield Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC to offer our “Get Buggy” program. Knowing that I was going to be learning with fourth graders, I wanted to be able to show them how safe and friendly some insects can be with a little pizzazz. I did this in hopes of easing a child’s nerves around “gross bugs!” Therefore, I took “Roachy,” one of our favorite Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and asked him to walk across my cheek. Luckily for me they only want to eat fruits, and vegetables, not faces! Even some of the children offered to try by the end of the program!”

HOW TO REACH: “Rocket Ryan” Paskow
High Touch High Tech of Northern Charlotte
Regional Program Director

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Volcano EruptionDuring a recent visit with our partners at Beaches Resorts by Sandals, located in Negril, Jamaica, we participated in the Volcanoes Program where a world record volcano eruption took place!

Check out that eruption!

This incredible eruption resulted in “oohs” and “aahs” and “wows” throughout the crowd of participants and onlookers.

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NOAA and Global Fever

High Touch High Tech is excited to present our Global Fever program at the NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland today! Dinosaur Dan will be presenting the hands-on Global Fever experience to approximately 70 scientists and administrators. The presentation will also be simulcast on the OneNOAA Science Seminar which NOAA scientists and educators from all over the world will log on and view.
The Global Fever program is a way to educate children about global warming and climate change in a fun, hands-on experience. We here at HTHT are very proud and excited about the possibility to work with NOAA!

Energy Ed and Micro Grants

Thank you to the Asheville City Schools Foundation for giving High Touch High Tech a shout out to all their teachers recently! There are some grants that are available to teachers and the foundation was kind enough to suggest HTHT as a way to use the funds. What a great way to supplement science in the classrooms! Thank you again to Asheville City Schools and the foundation to their support of HTHT! Happy New Year and here is to a great start!

Children’s Health Expo

It was a great turnout at the Children’s Health and Harmony Expo in Asheville on Sunday December 6. High Touch High Tech had a booth set up with some really neat science items along with a demo of Space Mud! About 60 kids had the opportunity to make this ooey, gooey, sticky stuff!! What a fun science way to spend a Sunday with the kids!