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After school Programs

A Child Does a Fun Science ExperimentA Child Does a Fun Science Experiment

Geared for students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade, High Touch High Tech after school programs provide science experiments that spark the interest and imagination of your students and generate ideas for science fair projects.

Designed to be educational, entertaining and fun, our programs support students academically by providing high quality enrichment activities. We expose program participants to new experiences and give them a sense of confidence to do things they have never tried before.

Our Scientists attentively listen to and encourage students to contribute their own ideas and opinions through interactive dialogue. Each participant is provided with the opportunity to be a real scientist performing real science experiments.

After school Enrichments

Our after school enrichment programs provide a fun, creative and non-competitive environment beyond school hours where your students have the opportunity to explore a number of exciting science topics.

Designed with your budding young scientist in mind, High Touch High Tech programs allow kids to use their imagination, curiosity and develop their observation skills.A Child Does a Fun Science ExperimentA Child Does a Fun Science Experiment

Participants typically meet once per week, over a period of 6-8 weeks, and enjoy a full hour of hands-on, FUN science, including science games and nature experiments.

Our after school programs prepare students for their future by enhancing their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and self-esteem while providing opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Our kids after school programs utilize age appropriate materials and often include take-home experiments.

Children learn best by participating in activities that they love most and our after school enrichment programs are a great way to inspire a lifelong love of science.

Availability of After School Enrichment programs may vary by location. To learn more, visit our Locations page to find the location nearest you!

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